Post-doctoral positions in molecular modeling and methods development.

There are at the moment no available positions for postdocs, but motivated candidates interested and experienced in the field of molecular simulations and computational chemistry holding a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, Bioengineering, Computer Sciences or related disciplines are encouraged to contact me.

Ph.D. positions within the EDBB, EDCH and EDPY doctoral programs

One Ph.D. position is available in 2015/2016 with flexible starting dates in the field of computational biophysics/biochemistry. The successuful candidate will be working at the development of new methods for macromolecular assembly and multiscale molecular simulations and their application to targets of key importance for infectious diseases. The research will be conducted within the interdisciplinary environment of the School of Life Sciences in collaboration with experimental labs. Enthusiastic and motivated candidates holding a Master degree in Chemistry, Physics, Bioengineering, Computer Sciences or related disciplines are encouraged to contact me and apply online to the EDBBEDCH and EDPY doctoral programs.  

Research projects for master, bachelor and summer students

Mid-term projects within the existing lines of research of the lab are frequently available within the different internship schemes of the master schools. Interested students (also at the Bachelor level) can visit the Teaching section and are invited to contact me by email or personally at my office (AAB 010). International students at the master and bachelor level can have the opportunity to join our lab for a summer internship applying to the Summer Research Program hosted every year by the School of Life Sciences.