Lipid Builder

Abstract ImageLipidBuilder is a webserver which allows to create lipid bilayers models with atomic resolution, suitable to be used as input for molecular dynamics simulations

LipidBuilder generates automatically the topology and template of a given phospholipid. First, the lipid’s topology is created by combining the selected phospholipid head groups, extracted from a built-in library of structures and the provided hydrocarbon chains. Since the hydrocarbon chains have been parameterized based on a “plug and play” philosophy in the CHARMM force field, the acyl chains are generated by linking a series of alkanes. Three different classes of hydrocarbons have been defined: the saturated, the unsaturated and the cyclopropane. Finally, the psfgen algorithm and the generated topology file are combined to build the template PDB and PSF files of the phospholipid.



power: a parallel optimization workbench to enhance resolution in biological systems

power is an open source optimization framework designed for dynamic integrative modeling of biological systems. In its current version is based on particle swarm optimization and can approach the prediction of molecular assemblies based on a limited set of experimental spatial restraints.

power has been concieved to be modular, thus that the creation of specific modules is easy even for a user unaware of its internal architecture.

The current version supports function minimization, experiment-driven prediction of protein hetero-multimers (see pipeline on the right), and parameterization of multiscale models for molecular simulations.





  • power : a parallel optmization workbench to enhance resolution in biological systems, in preparation.



last update: 04.07.2013