Research projects for Master and Bachelor students

Motivated students from Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering curricula are welcome to join LBM for a Bachelor or Master projects, as well ad lab immersions or semester projects. Frequent interdisciplinary projects at the edge between computational and experimental biochemistry/biophysics and computer sciences are available. The following is a non-exhaustive list of current (June 2016) research projects and topics offered to students. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact me for further information.

Projects available for students from SV, I&C, STI, BS, and CSE curricula for 2016/2017

Computational and experimental research areas include:

  • methods development for integrative modeling of macromolecular assemblies

  • development of models and tools for studying membrane biophysics

  • study of molecular crowding by molecular simulations and NMR 

  • X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM of epigenetic regulation 

  • the emergence of bacterial resistance studied by structural biology 



Master courses

     Spring 2011: Provisional syllabus and other information